Roundtable with Shelter Seminar Participants

Monday, 25 January 2021 A google document “live” chat/writing experiment. Guest List: Jill Magi on behalf of JARA Andrew Bush Shadan Ako Emma Chiu EzgiHanife Jocilyn Estes Alexandra Urbanikova JM: OK–let’s “start”! Folks on the document, what was it like to participate in the Shelter Seminars? What brought you to the space? And, how doContinue reading “Roundtable with Shelter Seminar Participants”

Inspired by “How to maneuver . . . ” exhibit at Warehouse 421 in February, 2020

This past February we were totally inspired by the collection of publishing projects, handmade books, zines, and other delightfully uncategorizable book works exhibited in “How to maneuver: Shape-shifting texts and other publishing tactics.” Curated and organized by “Kayfa ta,” a collaboration between Maha Maamoun and Ala Younis, the exhibition was accompanied by a multi-day symposium.Continue reading “Inspired by “How to maneuver . . . ” exhibit at Warehouse 421 in February, 2020″