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Roundtable with Shelter Seminar Participants

Monday, 25 January 2021 A google document “live” chat/writing experiment. Guest List: Jill Magi on behalf of JARA Andrew Bush Shadan Ako Emma Chiu EzgiHanife Jocilyn Estes Alexandra Urbanikova JM: OK–let’s “start”! Folks on the document, what was it like to participate in the Shelter Seminars? What brought you to the space? And, how do…

The Shelter Seminars

In the fall of 2020 Andrew Bush put out a call to friends and colleagues–a call both simple and complex: could there be a coming together for study outside of institutional confines? What if teachers and students gathered together where there were no grades, no credentials offered, earned? What would happen in this space? The…

Saturday October 17 zoom reading!

To launch Arthur de Oliveira’s chapbook, join us on zoom (DM us on instagram for the link/password) this Saturday at 7 pm GST and 11 am EST for a reading with special guest Paolo Javier!


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To constellate:

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